When you wear a Poincaré, it is a philosophy and an Art of living to which you adhere. We design and produce Swiss made timepieces of exceptional quality and timeless design. We take extreme care in every detail, so that you will take pleasure in wearing it and contemplating it for very long years.

Becoming the owner of a Poincaré watch also means having a piece of Swiss watchmaking expertise and heritage, which has been around for several hundred years.


Cradle of great avant-garde discoverers, Switzerland has always been at the cutting edge of high technology, while carefully preserving its roots and patrimony.
What better scene than the shores of Lake Leman in Geneva, surrounded by the majestic Alps and the « watchmaking » Jura, to inspire and allow us to produce the best timepieces possible.


In a world where immediacy has become the benchmark value, Poincaré believes in the contrary, in the long time, in the time of the seasons, in the time of our childhood when playing in a forest seemed an odyssey.
We believe in the value of time passing, not as an enemy, but as an element that we tame in order to enjoy beautiful moments spent with loved ones.


We adhere to the vision of watchmakers who have created prestigious timepieces. We believe in precision and attention to every single detail, even when it is a flower clock in the streets of Geneva.

We believe that a watch should give the time, but also reflect the personality of its owner. We are part of the Tradition of Swiss watchmaking.


Our watches are not dictated by marketing segmentation or market research. Our watches are developed with one single goal, making the best timepieces; whether it is design, components, materials and manufactured movements.